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Kale Reduces Risks of Developing Glaucoma

Green Flowering Kale

New research suggests a relationship between eating kale and a reduced risk of developing open-angle glaucoma. A study published by JAMA Ophthalmology found that people who ate around 240mg of nitrates from leafy greens every day were less likely to suffer from open-angle glaucoma by as much as 30%.

Image credit: Green Flowering Kale, by Bobbi Jones

Do you have glaucoma? Only half of those who have it, know!

In the U.S. nearly 3 million people more than 40 years old have glaucoma. By the year 2030 the National Eye Institute estimates those numbers to rise more than 50%.

Only have half of those people realize they have this dreaded disease. Glaucoma slowly damages the optic nerve from pressure buildup inside the eye. The damage usually occurs so slowly that people do not realize that it’s happening. Some people can lose up to 40% of their sight, which is then irreversible.

Since Glaucoma is preventable, and the leading cause of blindness, it is recommended that you and your family have a complete eye examination regularly. Early diagnosis can prevent this type of blindness. Those with genetic predisposition include those with Asian, Latino and African-American descent, but all populations have been affected by this silent sight stealer.

Read about the various types of glaucoma on the glaucoma.org website.

Image credit: glaucoma.org